10 Most Popular Martial Arts Origins

One of the most popular martial arts today

“I put my feet where I want, and it’s often in the mouth! “. This sentence, from the Braddock film, Worn Out, comes from a rather martial arts-style guy. We are talking about Chuck Norris, the famous world champion karate actor, Total Gym expert, black belt of tangsudo and taekwondo … Chuck who masters almost all the martial arts of this top. But that does not tell us which are the most popular …

Karate (Japan)
And no, the first is not judo. That said, one of the precepts of karate is precisely to avoid the fight. But his mastery can also help to put down his opponents. Karate will become an Olympic sport in 2020 in Tokyo, and can be seen in the masterpiece Karate Warrior. And if not, we really advise you to watch the Cobra Kai series, namely the sequel to Karate Kid movies.

Taekwondo (South Korea)
The way of the foot and the fist … in your jaws. It is a martial art really super popular, and whatever the regions of the world. The fact that it is also often in the context of taekwondo that one explodes bricks or boards with bare hands must be for something. The film Best of the Best, with the hilarious Eric Roberts, revolves around taekwondo.

Judo (Japan)
This hyper-popular martial art in France was founded by a Japanese educator who was a victim of harassment as a child. And indeed, if you control it, you can without problem send his opponents. It’s not Teddy Rinner who will say otherwise.

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (Brazil)
Still a martial art rather unknown in France. A rather nasty derivative of Japanese judo, which stands out by a profusion of ground jacks and its rather complete teaching. One can notably see in MMA.

Kung fu (China)
Another super popular martial art. One of the oldest in the world. Kung fu based on noble values ​​such as patience, respect and self-confidence and humility. The term is sometimes used to describe the whole of Chinese martial arts.

Muay Thai (Thailand)
It is the Muay Thai that Jean-Claude Van Damme learns in the classic of the seventh-art Kickboxer. It can also be seen in Ong-bak. A film that shows how much this martial art can hurt when you control it and you do not hold back.

Ninjutsu (Japan)
One of the coolest! And yeah, it’s still the martial art of Ninja Turtles! We can fight with fists and feet but also swords, sticks and the formidable ninja stars! Connoisseurs will also remember that this is ninjutsu that is discussed in the film American Ninja, with the inevitable Michael Dudikoff.

Jiu-jitsu (Japan)
It is thanks to ju-jitsu that the samurai defend themselves if they ever find themselves disarmed. It is used mainly to parry or combine it with other forms of combat.

Krav Maga (Israel)
Popular with the general public thanks to cinema and television (Jack Bauer of 24 Hours Chrono makes his enemies speak thanks to krav maga). Used by Israeli special police forces, it consists mainly of three steps: managing the threat, preventing the attacker from launching a second attack and neutralizing the latter.

Aikido (Japan)
Steven Seagal is one of the most famous representatives of Aikido. A martial art he uses to fart the kneecaps and explode the arms of his enemies in movies like Nico or Justice Sauvage. The goal here is to exploit the strength of the opponent to turn against him. If you feel like it, know that the founder of Aikido, Morihei Ueshiba, said that if you want to be able to use it properly and become an expert, you have to be ready to cash in and face death in the face. Atmosphere.